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Diving Thailand – Dive Sites Thailand – Scuba Diving Similans
Name Turtle Rock Similans
Depth 10-28m
Vis 10-30m
Water Temp 26-30c
Level Beginner +
Our Rating 3.5 Stars
Best Time to Visit October to May
GPS 08-39-888N 97-38-490E
  Map of Similan Islands
Turtle Rock Similans

Turtle Rock is so named because of a Turtle resembling rock that breaks the surface. Underwater it consists of huge boulder formations that are encircled by gardens of hard and soft corals. Currents are generally mild here making for an easy and relaxing dive. Garden Eels peer from their invisible burrows and hide if you get too close.

The sandy bottom is also a good place to find Blue Spotted Rays and even an occasional Leopard Shark. Moray Eels guard their lairs and Lionfish float weightlessly planning their next ambush. Maximum depth for a dive here would be about 25 metres, but usually shallower where the rocky area is. This is an ideal dive for the late afternoon where you can stay nice and shallow. Also expect to find Turtles at this site.