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Name The Southern Pinnacle Racha Noi
Depth 14-45m
Vis 15-50m
Water Temp 25-30c
Level Intermediate+
Our Rating 4.5 Stars
Best Time to Visit All Year
GPS 07-27-40N 98-18-19E
  Map of Local Dive Sites
Southern Pinnacle racha Noi

The Southern Pinnacle at Racha Noi, is only suitable for experienced divers. Comprised of granite boulders, the shallowest of which, tops out at about 14 metres. You will find no stronger currents around Phuket, than these. There is no mooring line here, so your Boat Captain will have to pay close attention when locating the dive site. Divers need to drop right onto the pinnacle, or they might be in danger of missing the dive site entirely. Start off deep at 30 metres and be rewarded with Leopard Sharks of even the occasional Whitetip.

The Southern Pinnacle is made up of predominately of hard corals but there are also some colourful soft corals, whip corals and fans. Manta Rays congregate here and it's at this dive site that you're most likely to see them. They come here to feed on the rich up welling of plankton and small jellies. Indeed, occasionally it's like a snowstorm there is so much Manta food blowing around in the moderate to strong currents.

Due to the difficulty of this dive, it is sometimes not possible to book in advance, although operators will make the effort according to the experience levels of divers on the trip. It is a fantastic dive and excitement rises as the drop off point approaches. There's no mooring line so the Captain will usually find the site with his GPS, or depth finder. Taking a bearing and heading towards the pinnacle is also an option - but is open to errors due to the strong currents.