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Name The New Wreck Racha Yai
Depth 16-28m
Vis 5-40m
Water Temp 26-30c
Level Intermediate+
Our Rating 3 Stars
Best Time to Visit All Year
GPS 07-36-22N 98-22-41E
  Map of Local Dive Sites
New Wreck Racha Yai

The New Wreck, as it's locally known, was scuttled intentionally in early 2008, by a Phuket dive centre. It measures about 28 metres in length and has already attracted some interesting residents. Huge Batfish patrol the upper deck and large Lionfish hover menacingly, waiting for their next meal to carelessly stray too close. Made from wood, the wreck is already deteriorating quite quickly and it now seems a wonder it was ever sea worthy at all. Penetration is not possible, although it is possible to descend into the small open interior.

We've rated this dive site as intermediate, primarily because it's a little too deep for open water divers. If you've already obtained your advanced certification, expect to encounter no difficulties with this dive. The currents can sometime be quite strong here on the east coast, but nothing that should cause scuba divers any problems. Finish the dive by swimming into shallower water through some concrete cubes. Keep you eyes peeled and its possible to see one or two Stonefish, or even a juvenile Eagle Ray feeding on the sandy bottom before gliding off effortlessly when you get too close.

All the dive sites on the east coast of Racha Yai are sometimes inaccessible between November and January, depending on the weather and prevailing winds. It's impossible to forecast when exactly - as it varies from one day to the next. Amazingly, in the middle of the wet season, around August and September, the visibility here can sometimes reach in excess of 40 metres, as you can see from the stunning photograph on this page. All dive sites around Racha Yai are subject to heavy amounts of boat traffic. Make sure you always ascend very carefully, even when using a surface marker buoy.