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Name The Lagoon Koh Haa
Depth 5-26m
Vis 8-40m+
Water Temp 26-30c
Level Beginner+
Our Rating 4 Stars
Best Time to Visit November to May (Although can find trips all year)
GPS 07-25-45N 98-53-46E
  Map of Local Dive Sites
Bamboo Shark Lagoon Koh Haa

Situated in the middle of the Koh Haa islands is the Koh Haa Lagoon. Guarded on either side by two limestone towers, this is a majestic setting for a beautiful dive site. The tower to the south is carpeted with purple, orange, blue and white soft corals. Massive Gorgonian Fans branch out from the Anemone blanketed limestone. Rock formations pepper the sandy bottom here, providing sheltered homes to a variety of reef inhabitants. The tower to the north is also festooned with colourful soft corals, but is even larger than the south tower.

Currents are seldom strong enough to give divers a real work out, making for a nice relaxed dive. Smaller exotic critters like Harlequin Shrimps and Pipefish, Sea Moths and a whole range of other treats can be found here. To find the Sea Moths just scan the shallow sandy area closely and if you're lucky you might see what looks like a small bird crawling on the sand.

If you come here on a liveaboard, this is a night dive not to be missed. Look out for the spectacular Decorated Crabs and Barracuda hunting smaller prey illuminated by torchlight. Try not to help the Barracuda too much by lighting up their prey for too long. Sometimes you can even hear the bones crunch they come in and bite with such force. Koh Haa is a refreshing place to dive, as there are so few dive operators who go there. Nine times out of ten there will only be one dive boat there - a bit of a difference to Bida Nai and Bida Nog where it's not unusual to count more than fifteen boats!