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Name The Chimney Koh Haa
Depth 5-30m
Vis 8-40m+
Water Temp 26-30c
Level Beginner+
Our Rating 4 Stars
Best Time to Visit November to May (Although can find trips all year)
GPS 07-25-59N 98-53-55E
  Map of Local Dive Sites
Chimney Koh Haa

Also known as 'Koh Haa Nuea'. Located on the most northern island of this cluster of five limestone gems. 'Haa' in Thai, means five and 'Koh' in Thai means island - hence Koh Haa. The island is encircled by coral reefs comprised of a mixture of healthy hard and soft corals. Koh Haa is seldom dived due to its remoteness, so is still in pristine condition. Speedboat trips from Koh Phi Phi tend to bypass Koh Haa and head further south to Hin Daeng and Muang.

The visibility around Koh Haa often reaches in excess of 40 metres. The chimney is a fantastic piece of natural sub-aqua architecture, that leaves divers wanting to go back again and again. The entrance is at about 17 metres and leads in past golden sea fans and soft corals, before opening out into a vertical chimney structure that can be ascended and exited via two different holes at about 5 metres. 

Apart from the awesome structure of the chimney, there are some great marine creatures to be found. Leopard Sharks are often spotted here, as are Seahorses and Ghost Pipefish hiding in the corals and fan. It's also possible to find Harlequin Shrimps in darkened holes feasting on the severed legs of amputee Starfish. In recent years, Whaleshark sightings around Koh Haa have also been on the increase. 

It should be noted, that day trips to Koh Haa are not regularly scheduled in local dive operators itineraries. Please contact us for further help if you wish to dive Koh Haa. We can invariably match your preferred diving dates with a professional dive operator. To see Koh Haa and Hin Daeng and Muang together - the best option would be from a liveaboard.