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Similan Liveaboards and Thailand Diving Liveaboards

Similan liveaboards reward Phuket scuba diving enthusiasts with the best scuba diving Phuket has to offer, and also the best scuba diving Thailand has to offer. The Scuba Diving Phuket team and Super Divers PADI 5 Star Dive Centre, are Similan liveaboard specialists with more than 20 years experience working in the Phuket scuba diving industry, with Similan liveaboards and Thailand diving liveaboards.

At Scuba Diving Phuket and Super Divers, we take pride in offering the Phuket scuba diving community and divers visiting Thailand for a Similan Islands diving liveaboard, a large selection of Similans liveaboards to suit all budgets and tastes. We only offer Similans liveaboards that meet strict our criteria in terms of safety and service. The staff at Scuba Diving Phuket, regularly take inspection trips on the Similans liveaboards we offer, so we can ensure that we have only the most honest and current information available, for each of the Thailand Diving liveaboards we offer to guests scuba diving in Phuket.
No Credit Card Surcharges

We think credit card surcharges suck, and we guarantee that our guests will pay a zero % surcharge on their entire trip balance, and not just their deposit payments. If there's a credit card surcharge involved at any point of your booking, we'll pay it ourselves!


If Scuba Diving Phuket guests need to rent a full set of dive equipment for their Similans liveaboard trip, upon request we can provide guests with half-foot fins and neoprene booties. With multiple dives over many days, comfort is important. It's no fun gearing up for every dive if normal slip-on rental fins have rubbed the skin off your toes!
Comfortable fins and booties scuba diving phuket exclusive
*Available on request at no extra cost, to liveaboard guests only, who need to rent a full sets of scuba diving equipment for their Similans liveaboard booked through us.

We have a range of budget Similans liveaboards, right through to luxury Myanmar liveaboards. We can check schedules and availability in minutes for almost all our Thailand diving liveaboards, and reserve space on trips while guests finalize their plans before booking.


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We offer both top quality Thailand liveaboards and cheap Similans liveaboards, but our customer service always gets Five Stars! We are number one for Thailand liveaboard diving & Similan liveaboard diving!

Scuba Diving Phuket and Super Divers PADI 5 Star Dive Centre cater to all your Phuket scuba needs, and place offering excellent customer service, above making profits. The Phuket scuba diving season lasts all year, and the Similan Liveaboard season runs from October to May. Thailand liveaboards, Similans liveaboards, Myanmar liveaboards, PADI courses in Phuket, and a wide selection of Phuket scuba diving day trips are available from our Phuket scuba diving centre in Phuket.

We concentrate on customer service, and we offer better than the rest at competitive prices! Scuba Diving Phuket and Super Divers - Run by Divers, for Divers!

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Why Choose Scuba Diving Phuket & Super Divers?

Similan liveaboards are big business, and there are dozens of Similan liveaboard companies, and Similan liveaboard agents to choose out of all the Phuket scuba diving orientated businesses and websites. Why does Scuba Diving Phuket feel that they are the best Similans liveaboard company in Phuket, and why should customers use Scuba Diving Phuket over another of the many Similans liveaboard websites, which at first glance all seem to offer the same product?

  • Our Similan liveaboards section is owned and managed by Matt and Andrew, both PADI instructors who have been working in the Phuket scuba diving and Similan liveaboard industry, since 2001. Our years of combined knowledge, and many personal contacts in the Similans liveaboard industry give us a distinct advantage when it comes to dealing with issues like refunds for late cancellations, or other similar unforeseen problems our guests may encounter while booking a Similans liveaboard. We are the biggest Phuket agent for Manta Queen liveaboard trips.
  • If you make a Similans liveaboard inquiry, Matt or Andy will personally deal with your inquiry from beginning to end. Our cell phone numbers are also given to guests, enabling them to contact us directly 24/7 with a time sensitive issue. We're available via voice calls, iMessage, and Whatsapp.
  • Excellent customer service with honest, reliable, and up-to-date advice. If the Similan liveaboards we offer don't meet our high standards, we won't recommend them to our customers!
  • No credit card surcharges! We also don't mislead guests with this claim. Many Similans liveaboard operators require their agents to take a small deposit, with the remaining balance payable directly to the liveaboard operator on departure. Liveaboard operators will charge up to 5% if guests pay their remaining balance by credit card. We can guarantee that this will not happen to our guests. We offer a "ZERO % credit card surcharge policy" on the entire cost of your liveaboard trip, not just on the deposit agents take to secure your booking. We are the ONLY liveaboard agent to offer this guarantee.
  • We are not a one-man band / DIY online booking service run from a dodgy apartment in Patong in between all night benders or methamphetamine binges with hookers or ladyboys. We're a PADI 5 Star Dive Centre (S-22241). That means we have a real PADI dive centre in Phuket, with actual staff, and desks, and furniture, and scuba diving equipment.
  • We are licensed and regulated by TAT - Tourist Authority of Thailand. Our TAT license number is 34/00613.
  • Our business is 100% legal. We have all the required documentation, including work permits for our foreign staff. We pay our taxes too.
  • The equipment we provide our liveaboard guests is replaced regularly, and well maintained. We can also provide comfortable fins on request, which are worn with booties (Not available from other agents or dive centres). If you're taking a four-night liveaboard trip, these fins could make a huge difference, as they won't rub the skin off your toes like slip on fins sometimes can do. Guests can request these fins with booties at no additional cost. We can also provide long wetsuits on request, although we recommend shorty 3mm wetsuits in Thailand's tropical waters.
  • Above all, we care more about customer service than we do about profits. We take pride in always going the extra mile, and our guests come back to us again and again.

 Richelieu Rock Liveaboard Special Similans and Koh Bon Special

Similan Liveaboards and Thailand Liveaboard Diving

Scuba Diving Phuket and Super Divers offers only safe and well-managed Similan liveaboards, at competitive prices. We have a customer friendly cancellation and refund policy, and over twenty years experience specializing in the Similans liveaboards.

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Dive Centre Tel & Fax: +66(0)76-344-323

If you need an urgent answer to a question, you can call us on the numbers below. (Occasionally we might not be available to take calls if we are busy).

Liveaboards: Andy:+66(0)89-726-8471
Day trips, courses, transfers: Josh:+66(0)87-624-0674
Day trip transfers only: Miss Gob:+66(0)80-096-9684

We're also available on Whatsapp Messenger (Preferable to calling if possible please) if you have an urgent question.

Please note, we're in Thailand, which is GMT+7 hours, and we sleep like normal people. Thanks!

Coming By Foot: We're less than five minutes walk from Jungceylon Shopping Mall in Patong Beach, Phuket. Click the link on the right of this page, to see our location on Google Maps.

Coming By Taxi: Ask the driver to search for "Super Divers Phuket" on his phone. If the driver hasn't got a smartphone, ask him to call us on +6676 344 323 for directions.