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November 14, 2010

Diving in Phuket offers some of the best diving in Thailand, and is an ideal location for scuba diving day trips. It is also a great place to learn to dive in Thailand. If you type PADI Courses Phuket into any search engine you’ll come up with hundreds of hits. How do you choose the right dive centre and right PADI open water course in Phuket for you? If you’re going to take a PADI course in Phuket you won’t be disappointed. The scuba diving in the Andaman Sea around Phuket is much more varied, vibrant, and interesting than the scuba diving in the Gulf of Thailand, at dive spots like Koh Tao.

Our customer service at www.scubadivingphuket.net / Super Divers, is second to none. We limit our group sizes to a maximum of four open water students, but often keep them even smaller, and keep just a couple of students to one instructor. This increases the time the instructor can spend with each student, and it also means that the time allocated for skill practice on open water dives will be far less than with a large group, enabling more time to be spent enjoying the tour portion of the dives discovering all the weird and wonderful marine life. On Koh Tao they often have groups of eight students or more to one instructors working with certified assistants. this means you’ll spend most of your time underwater watching other students perform their skills and will miss out on more time on the fun part of the dives, finding marine life and having fun. We also use only experienced PADI instructors who we know offer the only the highest standards of instruction.

Mask Clearing Skills

The PADI open water course in Phuket takes three days. On the first day students will watch a couple of videos introducing them do the scuba diving world and learn about dive safety and how to dive properly. They will also fill out a few knowledge reviews from their PADI open water manual, before moving onto the confined water sessions conducted in a swimming pool. Students will learn all the skills they’ll need to become accomplished scuba divers. These skills include things like how to clear a mask underwater, and buoyancy skills. The session would usually take a couple of hours with two or three students, and by the time it’s finished students would be fully prepared for the part of the course where they’re taken onto the dive boat for some open water dives at some of Phukets best dive sites.

Diving is fun!

The first open water dive is conducted in shallow water down to a maximum depth of twelve metres, and enables students to get used to being underwater and gives them a chance to practice their buoyancy skills. Dive two is again to a maximum depth of twelve metres, but at some point the instructor will go over a few skills which have already been practiced in the pool session. Dives three and four are made to a maximum depth of eighteen metres, and again some skills are practiced at some point of the dive. Students are taught to maintain the buddy system for safety, so they always have someone close on hand in the unlikely even they need some assistance.

Students are required to make a surface swim of two hundred metres and tread water or float for ten minutes. At some point during the course students will sit a fifty question multiple-choice exam. The questions pertain to information they have learnt during the course and it’s easy enough to achieve the pass mark. Should students ever fail the exam they can sit it again, and again, until they pass.

On successful completion of the course, students will be certified as PADI open water divers. The certification lasts for life, and allows holders to dive anywhere in the world without supervision, although normally, wherever you choose to dive, you’ll be diving with an experienced instructor or dive guide.

Our PADI open water course in Phuket, costs B14500, and includes all materials like manuals etc you’ll need for the course. These materials are yours to keep. It also includes your PADI certification fee. We also include hotel transfers on days two and three of the course, and all meals and refreshments on the dive boat. Most open water courses only include four open dives, but we’ll try to schedule your boat dives so you get a couple of free dives, depending of whether you’ve completed your course or not.

You need to be in good health to take your PADI open course, and sign a medical statement to that effect. The minimum age for students is ten years old.

For full details of our PADI open water course click here.

After you’ve completed your open water course, you might like to consider taking the PADI advanced course, which certifies you to a depth of thirty metres and gives you some more valuable dive experience increasing you confidence underwater.

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