DAN Insurance Changes Coverage for Non-Diving Related Medical Emergencies and Travel Assistance

June 5, 2010

A while ago DAN Insurance made a very important change to its non-diving related medical emergency and travel assistance coverage. Previously, DAN covered all professional members for non-diving related emergencies for the full 365 day of the term of their policy. For those who are not sure, professional members are members who work in the dive industry, for example, instructors and dive masters. The professional policy levels used to be Basic Professional, Master Professional, and Super Professional. Now the professional levels are DAN Pro Bronze and Bronze Deluxe, DAN Pro Silver and Silver Deluxe, and DAN Pro Gold.

Dan Insurance
Dan Insurance

There is one huge change that dive professionals should take note of: Only the DAN Pro Gold level will cover you for non-diving related accidents and emergencies for the full 365 days of your policy. The lower levels will only cover non-diving related accidents and emergencies for up to 90 days per journey and a maximum of 120 days per year.

Message to all dive professionals working abroad: If you’re relying on DAN as your primary insurance provider make sure you take the DAN Pro Gold package. You’ll be covered for all non-diving related accidents and emergencies all year round. It costs only an extra € 84 than the DAN Pro Silver Deluxe policy but will cover you for up to € 20,000 of medical expenses for hospital inpatient care.

This change was only highlighted to us recently after a dive instructor here in Thailand had a motorbike accident. Originally a DAN Master Professional member, when the policy was up for renewal he changed to the DAN Pro Silver package, which he presumed was the equivalent policy. After the accident, he woke up in Patong hospital with a badly broken leg that needed an operation. He transferred to the much better Bangkok Phuket Hospital as operations are not performed at Patong Hospital. Medical costs at the Bangkok Phuket Hospital were estimated at around € 13,000. DAN informed their member that they would only cover his medical costs if he had been away from his registered address in Europe for less than the 90 days stipulated on the policy. If this were the case, they would need to see air ticket receipts for proof.

He wasn’t covered. He would have been under the old policy. He had been working in Thailand for many years. With the medical bills being so expensive he transferred to a Thai government run hospital, the Mission Hospital where the estimated medical costs were around € 5,000. Luckily after a call home to his family, money was soon transferred to Thailand to pay the bill.

DAN is still the best dive insurance company out there. We assume they needed to change their policy coverage because they were just losing way too much money previously on non-diving related accidents.

Note that emergencies for all dive related accidents with all professional packages are covered for 365 days of the policy, regardless of how much time you have been away from your registered address.

The DAN Pro Gold package only costs € 265 and provides piece of mind that in the event of a non-diving related emergency they’ll be there to help, 365 days a year.

To see what’s covered and what’s not covered for all of DANs professional plans click here.

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