Tips for Traveling in Thailand: Strange but true, travel information for Thailand

April 2, 2010

Ten top tips for traveling in Thailand. It might make you laugh but here’s some important travel information for Thailand compiled by a few expats.

  1. When you cross a one-way street anywhere in Thailand be sure to check at least five different directions before you step out from the kerb.
  2. Don’t look up when your walking on a pavement in Thailand or you will fall down a hole. The exception to this rule is in Pattaya, where you must look up as well as down, so you can also avoid being squashed foreigners jumping out of tall buildings.
  3. If you’re brave enough to drive a car while you’re in Thailand, remember it is very impolite to give way. No matter how long someone has been waiting to pull out of a side street, and no matter that you’re traveling at an almost static pace, maintain a gap of no more than one inch between you and the vehicle in front, leaving no chance for anyone to pull into your lane of traffic.

    The local in Bangkok

    The local in Bangkok

  4. When you come to traffic lights in Thailand please remember that they are optional. You will also notice that after spending sometime driving in Thailand, you develop physic power that informs you five seconds before a light changes to green. This will enable you to get a head start.
  5. Never go to Tesco Lotus, Big C, or Carrefour on a Saturday morning unless you’re wearing protective clothing and are prepared to queue at the checkout for hours. Farangs might head to the Zoo or the beach at the weekend, whereas Thai families all head to the supermarket. They’re not there to shop but just to wander around aimlessly clogging the isles.
  6. It is illegal to go out in public unless you are wearing underwear. Fact.
  7. When your waitress appears at your table two hours after ordering your main course, try to stay calm when she asks if you would like something else as they don’t have what you ordered. Jai yen yen (Cool heart).
  8. Never try to use a 1000 Baht note in 7-11 as they only keep a maximum of 300 Baht of change in the till. Also, stand patiently in the long queue, as only one of the three tills will be in use, while the other nine staff stand around chatting, counting small change, checking each others hair for nits, or ticking small boxes on clip boards. Also, there is a sign written in Thai in all 7-11 stores, which states, “If you are here to by a mobile phone top up card, please push in to the front of the queue”
  9. When booking beach huts on Koh Samet, be wary of paying extra for a room with a fridge and a fan as they only turn the electricity on for one hour, at 6 o’clock in the morning.
  10. Never attempt to reverse a car unless a crazy man in uniform is standing behind you blowing a loud whistle.

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