Free Similans Map: Similan Islands map, Phuket dive sites map, Thailand dive sites map, and free map of Thailand

March 22, 2010

If you need a Similan Islands map for your website or brochures, a map of Phuket dive sites, a Thailand dive sites map, or a free map of Thailand, you can save and use our original maps we designed for our website free of charge.

We made this decision as we keep coming across our illegally ripped maps on other websitesand office media, and the problem is snowballing. We really don’t mind others using our maps but please credit and link to us.

All we ask please is that you DO NOT remove our embossed web address from the maps if you use them, and it would be kind if you could credit the maps to our website and provide a link from your site or wherever you use the maps, to our main website

They are free for any use whatsoever but we ask again, please credit and link to our website.

If you need the maps in a higher resolution for poster size etc, please contact us and will be happy to send them to you

Here is the html code for our link, or you can just link and add the text manually. Thanks.

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Similan Island Liveaboards- Guaranteed Cheapest Deals for Thailand Liveaboards<br></a>Great customer service and early booking discounts available. Huge selection of liveaboards. Don’t charge extra for credit cards</p>

The Maps

Free Similan Islands Map

Free Similan Islands Map

Free Phuket dive sites map

Free Phuket dive sites map

Free Map of Thailand

Free Map of Thailand

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