Flying To Thailand Cheaply: Tips to find the cheapest air tickets to travel to Thailand

March 12, 2010

Here at Scuba Diving Phuket we’re asked a lot of questions about which are some of the cheapest airlines that fly to Thailand and how to find cheap international airline tickets. Here we cover a few important points to consider when searching for flights and good deals that will help with Flying to Thailand cheaply. If you’re booking a budget Similans liveaboard diving trip you probably don’t want top break the bank to get here.

Here are some good tips for finding cheap flights…

Booking early always helps. Fact. If a flight has three hundred seats on it, as the seats are sold, the prices rise. If you can plan well ahead and book your flights 10 months in advance, it’s far more likely you’ll get the cheapest deals.

More people want to travel to Thailand (and many other destinations) over the holidays, especially Christmas and the New Year. If you want to book flights to travel over holiday (Especially Christmas) periods, it’s vitally important to book as early as possible.

There are usually more seats available on mid-week flights. Try searching for flights that depart on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and the flights could be cheaper than if you fly at the weekend.

Direct flights are usually more expensive than flights with stops. These stops are sometimes for only 45 minutes, so don’t write them off without checking the times and transit times.

A few airlines always offer the cheapest year round deals to Thailand. These airlines are Air Asia X (London to KL, Malaysia), Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, and Emirates. Go to these airlines websites and sign up to receive emails when they have special offers. A return flight from London to Bangkok can sometimes be on special offer for as little as £400.

Air Asia X A340 from KL to London non-stop

Air Asia X A340 from KL to London

By far the cheapest way to fly to Thailand from the UK or Australia is with Air Asia X. Aussies can sometimes get return deals for little more than AU$150 fully inclusive. Return flights from the UK can be had for under £250 when they’re on special offer. Without any special offers on the Air Asia X UK flights, prices start at around £450 for a return including taxes. You need to book early to get the cheap prices. These flights go into Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, a short hop from either Phuket or Bangkok. Once you’re in KL, connecting flights can be very cheap with Air Asia. Remember to try and book early. Note that Air Asia X is described as a “Budget Airline” so you’ll be expected to pay extra for luggage, in-flight entertainment, and food. It will still be by far the cheapest way to get to Thailand though.

Remember that if you’re buying the cheapest airline tickets from any airline, there will be restrictions on any changes you need to make to dates etc. Make certain of the dates you want to travel before you purchase the ticket.

There are many budget options for get to Phuket from Bangkok. Air Asia is the best of the budget options. Thai Airways are excellent and offer many daily flights between Bangkok and Phuket from only B4200 return.

Last minute deals are available, and are usually found including accommodation. These are advertised in travel agents as well as online.

Upgrades are like rocking horse shit. If you have any good tips to get free upgrades please let us know.

Good luck and have a safe flight!

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