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Name Scuba Cat Bay / Bay Number Two Racha Yai
Depth 16-28m
Vis 5-40m
Water Temp 26-30c
Level Beginner +
Our Rating 3 Stars
Best Time to Visit All Year
GPS 07-36-22N 98-22-41E
  Map of Local Dive Sites
Scuba Cat Bay Racha Yai

Scuba Cat Bay is opposite the temporary pier they float out for the low season. It is called Scuba Cat Bay, as this is where their liveaboard is moored in low season. It is also known as 'Bay Number Two'. The reef starts very shallow, pretty much straight from the beach and is comprised mainly of hard corals. Sandy patches break up the corals as the reef slopes very gently downwards to a maximum depth of about 28 metres. Some concrete cubes were laid a while ago to attract marine life and also to deter the fisherman from dragging their nets over the reef. These cubes have attracted some enticing marine life, like Batfish and Great Barracuda.

Currents can vary here from mild to very strong, and usually, but not always head in a southerly direction. The visibility here in the low season can sometimes reach in excess of 40 metres. It's a good dive for all levels, as there are deep areas and shallow areas. Turtles are regularly seen here, as are Cockatoo Leaf Fish, some feisty Triggerfish, some Ornate Ghost Pipefish and even the odd juvenile Eagle Ray hunting in the shallows.

If the current takes you south, finish the dive over Staghorn Reef and enjoy the bommies and marine life. It's essential to ascend with a surface marker buoy here due to the high volume of boat traffic.