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PADI Emergency First Response Phuket

The PADI Emergency First Response Course teaches participants how to handle medical emergencies above and below water with confidence. Current and recognized first aid training is required before students can enroll in the PADI Rescue Diver Course.

PADI 5 Star The PADI EFR course Phuket, covers all the basics of first aid, including treating injuries which could be sustained in non-diving related accidents, as well as treating dive related accidents, CPR, and more. The PADI EFR course Phuket will teach participants to react to a whole spectrum of situations, which could one day prove to be life saving. The PADI EFR course is a must not just for scuba divers, it's also essential for everyday life.  
 Teaches CPR and More!
 Save Lives!
PADI Courses Phuket Inquiry
EFR PADI  PADI EFR Course in Phuket takes just a half a day to complete. There is a video to watch, some demonstrations from the instructor, some practical tasks, and upon completion of the course, the student is a fully certified emergency first responder, with the skills to react to many medical emergencies.EFR

Super Divers PADI EFR Course - Half Day - 4,900 THB - Six Hours Classroom

This is a FULLY INCLUSIVE price. (Includes all materials and PADI certification fee).