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Name Lucy's Reef Racha Yai - Bay 3
Depth 06-36
Vis 5-35m
Water Temp 26-30c
Level Beginner +
Our Rating 3.8 Stars
Best Time to Visit All Year
GPS 07-35-37N 98-22-12E
  Map of Local Dive Sites
Lucys Reef Racha Yai

Also known simply as Bay Number 3. This is an ideal dive site for complete beginners right up to experienced professionals. The dive starts off in a sandy bay populated by coral bommies and cleaning stations. There is one small coral bommie at the far north end of the bay at a depth of 12 meters. This bommie is a cleaning station that is teeming with life.  Indeed, an entire dive could be spent around this bommie examining all the small critters in the cracks and holes.

There are at least 10 different species of shrimp hovering and darting about looking for their next meal. Moray's come regularly to get their teeth picked clean, and Glassfish mesmerize as they flash in shoals avoiding predators like Lion Fish and Scorpion Fish.

More experienced divers will be taken deeper to investigate the life found over the sandy areas down to depths of 25 meters. There's little coral here, but the marine life found can be amazing. Blue Spotted Rays, Seahorses, Pipefish, Sea Moths and several Indian Ocean Walkman. There has even been reports of the extremely venonous Blue Ringed Octopus out over the sand in Bay 3.

The dive is usually continued current permitting by heading south to a gently sloping coral reef. Schools of Barracuda rotate majestically and there's even a chance for Manta Rays and Whalesharks cruising past. When the conditions are good here with good visibility, which is most of the time, this can be an outstanding dive. Sometimes however, this site is prone to very strong currents and sometimes dodgy visibility.