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King Cruiser Wreck Day Trip
King Cruiser Wreck Day Trip | Phi Phi and Shark Point Day Trip | Racha Noi and Racha Yai Day Trip
Racha Yai Day Trip |

Phuket Scuba Diving Day Trip to King Cruiser Wreck & Shark Point

Phi Phi scuba diving day trip from Phuket
Racha Noi and Racha Yai scuba diving day trip
King cruiser scuba diving phuket
Racha Yai scuba diving phuket day trip

There are several Phuket wreck diving options for the Phuket scuba diving community. The biggest wreck diving trip in Thailand for recreational divers is the King Cruiser Wreck. She sank in 1997 after running into Anemone Reef while taking tourists to Phi Phi from Phuket. There were no casualties. Now the King Cruiser acts as a magnet for lots of marine life. She is blanketed with large shoals of fish, and festooned with scorpion fish and hovering lionfish waiting for their next meal. She lays at a depth or around thirty -two meters, and the top of the wreck is now at around 15 meters. She is only really suitable for divers holding the advanced certificate or better due to her depth, and the occasional strong currents. She is an ideal choice for divers looking to take their PADI advanced course with Super Divers.

*Please note that the King Cruiser trip is only available to divers holding the PADI advanced certificate (Or equivalent), or to open water certified divers with more than 20 logged dives and experience of diving deeper than 18 metres.

Map of Phuket dive sites

The other two sites on this trip are also excellent, so there are three dives in total. Shark Point, on its day, is a five star dive site. When the visibility is good it's amazing, covered with blue and purple soft corals, clouds of glassfish dance and scatter to avoid incoming trevally hunting in packs. Leopard sharks can be found sleeping in sandy areas, and seahorses are common here. Koh Doc Mai is another nice dive. It offers sheer walls covered with corals and moray eels, while at depth caves penetrate deep into the limestone. Either Shark Point or Koh Doc Mai could be changed for Anemone Reef depending on conditions on the day. It's a fantastic dive site when the visibility is good and the currents are slack.

Because we like to offer choice and flexibility, we use three different dive boats enabling us to offer the King Cruiser wreck trip three days per week. The boats we use are all well maintained, safe, and comfortable, and the food is tasty and freshly cooked by the onboard chefs. Every certified diver booking two or more day trips with us receives a free Super Divers t-shirt, exclusively available to our guests only.

King Cruiser, Shark Point, Koh Doc Mai - Three Dives - 3,700 THB + 500 THB for equipment if required 
*Price based on guests already being certified to dive.
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Special Info & What's Included

  • King Cruiser wreck trip days are Sundays, Tuesdays, & Fridays.
  • Things to take to the boat include towels if you want them, sun cream, sun glasses, swim wear, and any personal items you think you might need for a day on a boat.
  • There will be one dive at the King Cruiser wreck. The other two dives will be at either Shark Point, Anemone Reef, or Koh Doc Mai, depending on conditions.
  • Complimentary return transfers are included from Kamala, Patong, Karon, Kata and Rawai. Transfers start at 7:30am from Patong, and the boat returns to the pier at around 5:15pm to 5:45pm. We can arrange transfers from outside these areas upon request.
  • For guest convenience and flexibility, we use three large and comfortable dive boats.
  • A freshly cooked breakfast and lunch, and snacks and refresments are included.

Special Offers

  • A 10% discount from trip price if a diver books three or more separate day trips. Discounted trip price is 3,330 THB + 500 THB for equipment if required.
  • Free Super Divers tshirt if booking two or more separate day trips (Offer limited to one tshirt per guest).
  • We don't charge an extra 5% for credit or debit card payments.

 Additional Costs

  • A full set of scuba equipment in excellent condition is available for 500 THB per day. If guests have their own regulator or BCD, we discount 250 THB per item. If they need fins, wetsuits, or masks, we don't charge for them.
  • Cold beer is usually available on the dive boat after the final dive of the day for 50 THB per can.
  • Underwater photos and video are usually available from dive staff on the boat as an optional extra and cost 1,000 THB for around 100 underwater digital photos.
Phi Phi scuba diving day trip from Phuket
Racha Noi and Racha Yai scuba diving day trip
King cruiser scuba diving phuket
Racha Yai scuba diving phuket day trip
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Please Note
All day trips are subject to last minute changes due to weather conditions and forecasts. This is for guest safety and convenience.