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Name Home Run Racha Yai
Depth 5-26m
Vis 10-50m
Water Temp 26-30c
Level Beginner +
Our Rating 3.5 Stars
Best Time to Visit All Year
GPS 07-36-35N 98-22-47E
  Map of Local Dive Sites
Home Run Racha Yai

Home Run, so called because sometimes the currents here can be strong. It's even possible to drift as far north as Siam Bay close to the full moon. If you drop in at the bay and swim deeper in an easterly direction, you'll find a small wreck called the Andaman Explorer.  Down at a depth of about 20 metres, the Andaman Explorer is 18 metres in length and has attracted a lot of critters. Sometimes a Jenkins Ray lies motionless underneath the wreckage. Catfish school inside the wheelhouse and Cleaner Shrimps wait for their next clients. Shoals of Five Lined and One Spot Snappers flash past brightly when the sun is shining.

The vis here is usually 20+ metres and it's a nice dive. Also to be found are Ornate Ghost Pipefish and even the occasional Indian Walkman in the sandy patches between the wreck and the reef. As you leave the boat and start to head north to the reef, the currents can pick up. It's a long sloping reef which is home to Turtles, Lionfish, Morays, Titan Triggerfish, Snappers, Scorpionfish and more. In the shallower patches in bay number one, it's possible to find elusive Sea Moths, as well as Robust Ghost Pipefish, also known as Leafy Ghost Pipefish.

After a stop at the wreck, the dive plan usually continues northwards with the current, along the reef, gently drifting by and stopping where needed to observe the marine life. Home Run is probably one of the more interesting dive sites around Racha Yai, with a nice collection of healthy corals and an abundance of marine life. Recently in 2009 and 2010 there has been an increasing number of Leopard Shark and Eagle Ray sightings.