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Diving Thailand – Dive Sites Thailand – Scuba Diving Similans
Name East of Eden Similans
Depth 10-29m
Vis 10-40m
Water Temp 26-30c
Level Beginner+
Our Rating 4 Stars
Best Time to Visit October to May
GPS 08-35-664N 97-38-299E
  Map of Similan Islands
Moray Eel Attack Similans


East of Eden is off the east coast of island number 7 and consists of a sloping reef from 10 metres, down to about 28 metres. East of Eden is probably the best known site in The Similan Islands National Marine Park. A huge coral head starts at around 21 metres and rises up to around 8 metres. It is covered with both hard corals, and amazingly colourful soft corals and sea fans. You could spend one or two dives on this bommie alone and still not be bored! Nudibranchs, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, and Moray Eels are to be found here among other critters.

Twenty five metres to the north of this attraction, is a famous resident of the Similans. A Giant Moray with various names, Scarface, Emma and Maureen to name but a few, is invariably stationed guarding her lair under a table coral at 14 metres. Dive guides from various boats used to take food down for the playful Moray. Upon the sight of scuba divers, she would leave her aquatic lair and swim menacingly towards the divers looking for tasty treats. In March 2005, while one scuba diver was offering her a sausage left over from breakfast, the Moray accidentally mistook the divers thumb for a scuba snack!

 The diver lost his entire thumb within seconds of the initial bite, due to the incredibly sharp teeth and strong jaws of the Eel. It was just a case of mistaken identity on the Moray's part, as they are known to have bad eyesight. These days Scarface no longer has a line of dive guides queuing up to feed her, but on occasions, she still heads out of her lair with her mouth gaping, hoping for a tasty treat. Please don't feed the marine life!