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Diving Thailand – Dive Sites Thailand – Scuba Diving Similans
Name Deep Six Similans
Depth 10-45m
Vis 20-40m
Water Temp 26-30c
Level Intermediate+
Our Rating 3.8 Stars
Best Time to Visit October to May
GPS 08-36-051N 97-38-198E
  Map of Similan Islands
Deep Six Similan Islands

Deep Six is located on the northern tip of island number seven. Huge boulder formations and many swim-throughs make this site fantastic! There is also an abundance of hard and soft corals, as well as some pretty impressive fans  - making for excellent photo opportunities. Some parts on the eastern side of the side suffered some tsunami damage and broken corals can still be seen. Currents can be strong here and thermoclines can sometimes change the visibility from 40 metres to 10 metres in seconds, and then back again.

In the centre of the site there are some smaller boulders around a much larger one. There are some nice swim throughs around this area that range in depth from 24 metres up to 12 metres. The usual reef inhabitants can be found here. Keep an eye out for Napoleon Wrasse and in the deeper parts Whitetips and Stingrays. Manta Rays are also often spotted occasionally cruising over the top of the reef.

Currents can be strong here sometimes, so it's advisable to descend and ascend using the mooring line to the west of the main boulder formation. If for some reason do your safety stop in the blue, beware of drifting too far from the dive boat and make certain you are carrying and deploy a surface marker buoy.