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Diving Thailand – Dive Sites Thailand – Scuba Diving Similans
Name Beacon Beach Similans
Depth 5-50m
Vis 10-50m
Water Temp 26-30c
Level Beginner+
Our Rating 3.5 Stars
Best Time to Visit October to May
GPS 08-38-294N 97-38-165E
  Map of Similan Islands
Beacon Beack Similan Islands

Beacon Beach is a long, white sand beach which fringes the east coast of Koh Similan. The coral here creeps up almost to the low tide line, starting extremely shallow and continuing down a sloping reef to a depth just past 30m. The corals at Beacon Beach are fantastic, with hundreds of species all at one location. This is probably where the most pristine corals are found in the Similans. There is an old liveaboard wreck, Atlantis X, laying on the bottom at 30 metres.

Sometimes, there is a kind current here to gently give divers a drift dive, floating over and past the wonderful bommies and coral formations. Snappers feed in a wild frenzy on the Glass Fish that blanket areas of the reef. Morays, Lionfish, Clown Triggerfish, Octopus and Turtles are commonly found here. Place your hand next to some Cleaner Shrimps and watch amazed as they slowly give you an underwater manicure.

Towards the south end of the dive there are some rock formations and boulders and it slopes quite steeply to the sandy bottom. Safety stop hovering over the corals in the shallows, and you might get to see a Green Turtle or an Octopus. Beacon Beach is usually on the itinerary for most Similan Liveaboards.