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Name Anemone Reef Phuket
Depth 5-33m
Vis 5-30m
Water Temp 26-30c
Level Intermediate+
Our Rating 4.5 Stars
Best Time to Visit All Year
GPS 07-48-28N 98-37-40E
  Map of Local Dive Sites
Anemone Reef Phuket

Anemone Reef lies approximately half way between Phuket and Koh Phi Phi and is accessible from both islands. The dive site is comprised of a series of submerged granite pinnacles, which rise up from the sea floor at about 32 metres. It is carpeted with a dense population of anemones that dance in the currents, which sometimes, can be very strong here. It is a small dive site, but here you can find a huge variety of marine life here. Honeycomb and Zebra Morays haunt the cracks and crevices waiting patiently for dinner to arrive.

Seahorses are waiting to be found hiding in the plentiful Gorgonian Fans. Turtles, Leopard Sharks, Banded Sea Snakes and Pipefish inhabit the reef, while schools of Trevally, Snapper and Barracuda dazzle divers with their silvery light shows. This is the submerged obstacle that was struck by the King Cruiser car ferry back in 1997. It sunk within an hour and now lies a stones throw away on the seabed, still in an upright position. Anemone Reef, and the King Cruiser are often both on the same itinerary for day trips out of both Phuket and Phi Phi.

On its day, Anemone Reef is one of the best dive sites in Thailand. When the vis is clear and the currents are mild and kind, this dive site will leave you breathless upon surfacing. The currents can be very strong here and it's a good idea to descend and ascend using the mooring line. For the safety stop you can hover over the reef at 5 metres checking out the smaller inhabitants like some White Eye Morays, and Nudibranchs. There can be a lot of boat traffic here, so be careful upon surfacing and use a SMB where necessary. There is a mooring line available for descent and ascents and it comes in very handy when doing a safety stop in ripping currents.